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García & Bodán manages international patents for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of El Salvador

García & Bodán is pleased to announce good news in the field of scientific research and development projects.

As García & Bodán, we provided advice and support to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, through the Direction of Educational Technology and the National Centre for Scientific Research of El Salvador (CICES), its local advisors, Mr. Julio Vargas Partner and Regional Director of the Intellectual Property practice, and the team of international correspondents, carried out administrative steps so that, as a state entity, it could carry out for the first time the process for the concession of the Patent of Manufacturing Procedure for the obtaining of Benznidazole from the year 2016 to 2018 and of its second invention Industrial Scaling Process, currently in process; both for the treatment of Chagas disease. This is the first time that a state entity has carried out the patent process in its two facets:

-National phase in PCT subscriber countries, including Brazil, the United States of America, and Japan.

-Traditional phase in Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay.