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Investment Project

Construction of the Intibucá Departmental Police Unit (UDEP) in Honduras

The Republic of Honduras has received a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to partially finance the cost of the “Citizen Coexistence and Neighborhood Improvement Program,” whose general objective is to contribute to improving citizen coexistence in Honduras by improving the quality of life in vulnerable neighborhoods and reducing the incidence of violent crime. The loan will be used to finance the contract for the “Construction of the Departmental Police Unit (UDEP, for its acronym in Spanish) of Intibucá, Intibucá”.

The term for the construction and delivery of the project is 10 calendar months, starting from the start-up order, and the total construction area is equivalent to 20,101.98 m2. The bidding will be carried out in accordance with the International Public Bidding (IPB) procedures established in the Policies for the Procurement of Works and Goods Financed by the Inter-American Development Bank. The contractor will be the Program Coordinating Unit (PCU) of the Secretariat of State in the Office of Security.

The company interested in participating must have at least 7 years of general construction experience; accredit the execution of at least 3 contracts similar to the object of this bid; present proof of its own resources and/or commercial credits and/or bank lines of credit and/or authorized bonding lines, available at the time of submission of the estimated bid, equivalent to at least 30% of the value of its bid. The works and related services will be awarded to the Offeror whose bid has been determined to be the lowest evaluated bid and substantially complies with the requirements of the Bidding Documents.

Deadline for Receipt of Bids: December 5th, 2022

Godofredo Siercke 
García & Bodán