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Investment Project

Construction of Overpass in Villa Nueva, Guatemala

The Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing, through the Special Execution Unit called “Social Solidarity Fund”, has opened the call for National Public Bidding, for the execution of the project called “Construction of the 46th Street Overpass, Raúl Aguilar Batres Roadway, entrance to Colonia Monte Maria Zone 12, Villa Nueva, Guatemala”.

The project will consist of the construction of an underpass that will allow drivers to enter through the auxiliary lane towards the south to join the bridge that will pass over the main road of Calzada Raúl Aguilar Batres, with an exit lane towards the Monte María neighborhood and a return lane to take the road again, towards the center of the city.

Construction works include drainage, electric lighting, signage, paving, and guardrails. The U-shaped bridge to be built will have a maximum width of 15 meters, including sidewalks, and a curvature length of 85 meters.

The source of financing will come from National Funds. Bidders must be registered and authorized in the General State Procurement Registry of the Ministry of Public Finance.

The contractor shall provide all equipment, machinery, tools, materials, labor and technical personnel necessary for the execution of the project, including any additional equipment or professional specialists that may be required.

The execution period will be eight calendar months from the date of execution of the order and commencement of the project. It is planned to start work in the sector during the first months of 2023.

The construction of this new overpass is expected to reduce the vehicular load heading south of the city.

Deadline for receipt of bids: December 16, 2022 at 11:00 a.m.

Paul Rodríguez
García & Bodán