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Investment Project

Construction of cyclopean concrete pavement in Aldea Santa Cruz, Municipality of Orocuina, Honduras

The Honduran Social Investment Fund (FHIS, for its acronym in Spanish) attached to the Secretariat of State in the Offices of Community Development, Water and Sanitation (SEDECOAS, for its acronym in Spanish) has opened a new national public bidding process for all those companies qualified in the category of “Road Works”.

The Project consists of the Construction of Cyclopean Concrete Pavement located in the Santa Cruz Village, Municipality of Orocuina, Department of Choluteca.  The expected completion date of the works is 180 calendar days from the beginning of the works.

The project is divided into 4 sections, within which the activities to be carried out are as follows:

  1. Street layout and marking
  2. Cutting of material with tractor
  3. Material hauling with dump truck
  4. Scarification, shaping and compaction
  5. Supply and placement of sub-base
  6. Cyclopean concrete pavement
  7. Concrete quality control test
  8. Cutting of concrete pavement joints
  9. Asphalt pavement joint
  10. Street cleaning
  11. Ditch marking and marking
  12. Concrete quality control testing
  13. Demolition of concrete/masonry elements
  14. River stone veneer

Deadline for receipt of bids: September 19, 2022.

Godofredo Siercke
García & Bodán