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Maritime vehicular bridge in the Gulf of Fonseca will link the pacific trade route in Honduras

The southern coast of Honduras, the Gulf of Fonseca, is one of the most important natural ports in the world for its economic activity of transporting goods by sea, its economy is based on maritime and port work, fishing, and aquaculture (main economic engines of the region), local and regional recreation, tourism, and water sports.

However, despite being a rich area and a natural space privileged by its location, this region is one of the poorest with the greatest socioeconomic inequality and an incidence of poverty above 60%. Consequently, this problem contrasts with the enormous productive, natural, and logistical development potential afforded by its strategic geographic location.

With the objective of promoting economic and social growth in the southern part of the country, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), in support of the Government of the Republic of Honduras’ Master Plan for the Development of the Gulf of Fonseca, confirmed the approval of USD 207.8 million in financing for the construction of a maritime vehicular bridge in the Gulf of Fonseca, in the Pacific zone, with the purpose of linking the country’s Pacific-Atlantic trade route.

Likewise, CABEI Executive President, Dante Mossi, stated that with the construction of the maritime vehicular bridge, the southern zone and especially the communities located in the Gulf of Fonseca will benefit, since the region will become a logistic center for attracting investment, tourism will be boosted, jobs and income will be generated and many commercial opportunities will be created, improving the living conditions of the inhabitants, and reducing poverty levels.

Therefore, CABEI, as the financial arm of Central American integration and development, aims to support the quality of life of Central Americans by supporting programs and projects to promote balanced socioeconomic development.

Ma. Fernanda Arévalo Raudales
García & Bodán