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International Bidding: Construction of water system in Nicaragua

The Emergency Social Investment Fund of Nicaragua has begun the bidding for the construction of the water and sanitation system of the sector known as Region I, of Group B. This project will be financed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), as part of the services that provides to its beneficiary partner countries.

The project comprises 4 lots. The requirements of each lot are detailed as fallows:

Lot 1: Construction of a drinking water supply system of the mini gravity aqueduct (MAG), designed to carry water through a conduction line that starts from a catchment work with a shallow source.

Lot 2: Construction of a mini aqueduct by electric pumping (MABE), designed to carry water from a drilled well to a reinforced concrete storage tank.

Lot 3: Construction of a gravity-fed mini-aqueducttype drinking water supply system to supply 100% of the population of the Bálsamo Abajo community in the municipality of San Juan de Rio Coco.

Lot 4: Construction of a mini gravity aqueduct (MGA) with a source-tank-network configuration.

Proposals for this process will be received no later than May 13th, 2021.

Federico Gurdián Sacasa
Managing Partner
García & Bodán