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Guatemala considers public tenders for electricity transmission and promotes renewable energies

The Government of Guatemala, through the Ministry of Energy and Mines, announced that it will open a public tender for the construction of 40 electrical substations at 69 kV and 78 electrical transmission lines.

The project is part of the Generation System Expansion Plan 2022-2052, which seeks to promote the generation of clean and renewable energy and at the same time meet the need for new transmission infrastructure to guarantee the supply of electricity to the entire population.

It is envisaged that the infrastructure works will be divided into 14 lots for each region of the country.

The vision of the project is to diversify sources of renewable energy generation and green hydrogen storage. According to the authorities, this new platform is intended to meet a series of goals and policies related to environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The Generation System Expansion Plan 2022-2052 envisages increasing the generation park by 77%. Currently, the installed capacity of the generation park is 3,379.3 MW; with the implementation of this project, it will reach 5,981.6 MW by 2052.

The plan also reviews the possibility of expanding resource-friendly generation alternatives through hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, wind and biogas technologies.

Gabriela Arias
García & Bodán