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Government of Honduras appoints a new Minister of Finance

On August 20, 2020, the Presidency of the Republic of Honduras issued a communiqué addressed to the national and international community announcing the resignation of Rocío Izabel Tábora Morales from her position as Minister of Finance. The communiqué explains that the resignation is due to health reasons.

Mrs. Tábora, until now, was part of the Directive Council of Strategic Investment of Honduras (INVEST-H), a state management unit that disbursed, in circumstances full of irregularities, several million dollars for the purchase of seven mobile hospitals that would serve to attend the health emergency by COVID-19, of which only two have arrived to the country, still not knowing a date for the delivery of the remaining five.

A few days ago, Mrs. Tábora told the media that she was unaware of the criteria applied by INVEST-H to purchase the mobile hospitals referred to. On the subject, she said that each institution is responsible for the resources allocated to it by the National Congress.

The President, Juan Orlando Hernández, swore in Marco Antonio Midence Milla as the new head of the Secretariat of Finance on the same date. Midence was the Minister of Presidential Priorities and Public Innovation who is developing the project known as “Digital Government”.

Midence Milla is only 35 years old, but her academic credentials raise high expectations. He graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree in public administration on a full scholarship and holds a master’s degree from INCAE Business School and INIDEM Business Law School in Panama.

In statements regarding her new position, Midence Milla has said that a very important element to be addressed is that of economic recovery. This, in alliance with all sectors, to carry out the fundamental task of lifting Honduras. She also said that “we must all turn this crisis into an opportunity” and that results must be given soon, “this is the mission that the president has entrusted me with”. Finally, he pointed out that he was coming to the post, to save lives, to save jobs, to save businesses and to save the pockets of Hondurans.

Mauricio Zarruk Hasbun
Senior Associate
García & Bodán