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García & Bodán appoints new partner within the tax practice area

García & Bodán announced the promotion of a new partner within the Tax Law practice area. Senior Associate, Mauricio Orellana, joins the list of 13 partners in the region. The appointment was made official on January 9th of this year.

Mauricio Orellana joined the law firm in February 2018, being since his inception an essential element in the strengthening and growth of the tax practice area in the region.

He has over 20 years of experience in Tax Law in which he has practiced in different areas, allowing him to have a holistic view of Tax Law. His recent focus has been on tax advice to multinational companies to provide efficient alternatives for their investments in the country, as well as tax defense in the areas of internal taxes, transfer pricing, and customs.

In Mauricio’s words, he considers this achievement a blessing for his professional development, thanking the rest of the partners for their confidence in his work. On the other hand, he is excited about all the opportunities and challenges that come with the new role.

Terencio García, Regional Managing Partner of the firm, highlights that the integration of Mauricio as a partner is a recognition of his professional and personal skills. “He is an extremely intelligent lawyer, with a capacity for analysis, organization of ideas, and synthesis, as few people have. He has vast and deep knowledge of tax law, not only in El Salvador but also in Central America. In addition, Mauricio is a family man, with integrity and strong ethical and moral values that have a direct impact on his professional capacity. Mauricio’s promotion presents a very strong and unprecedented profile of García & Bodán in Tax Law. We are very proud and honored by his acceptance to be part of our team of partners”.

“His performance has been outstanding since joining the firm. Mauricio’s professional growth has gone hand in hand with the growth of our operation and has been a key factor for the appointment to happen. This promotion consolidates the tax practice as one of the main practices of our operation; it motivates the rest of the team to continue working to grow within our organization and gives added value to our clients, receiving the service directly from a partner”, added Julio Vargas, Managing Partner of García & Bodán El Salvador.

Mauricio comments that the objectives of the new position are: “To strengthen sub-specialties of the firm’s tax practice area in El Salvador. In 2021 and 2022 we have had very positive results in tax litigation, and we believe there is a great area of opportunity to continue growing. We already have a strong team of specialists in constitutional, transfer pricing, and financial accounting matters that have been supporting our practice area, and that is reflected in the positive results that have been obtained for our clients at the level of administrative appeals and judicial instances”.