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Fabretto Foundation

The Fabretto Foundation is a secular, non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to educating and transforming children, adolescents and young adults into responsible citizens, providing educational opportunities through creative and innovative approaches that promote excellence and service-oriented attitudes. The Fabretto Foundation works with more than 200 young adults at the Centro San Francisco, located a few blocks from La Chureca, the main landfill in Nicaragua, located in the Acahualinca district, which has an approximate population of 18,000 people. The socioeconomic situation in the neighborhoods adjoining the Chureca is one of extreme poverty, deprivation and social exclusion. Most of the houses are built with waste materials, mainly corrugated iron and steel, and largely lack basic urban services.

The young adults from Acahualinca and surrounding neighborhoods participate in reinforcement, computer science, vocational training programs and scholarships for technical studies and higher education.

In addition to the work near La Chureca, the Fabretto Foundation has established several schools in different rural communities in the country, such as Boaco, Estelí, Ocotal, Rivas, Masaya and the Autonomous South Atlantic Region (RAAS), focused on implementing programs in education, health and food safety.

In 2012, we established an Internship Agreement with the Fabretto Foundation, in which the young adults participating in the foundation programs will benefit with internships in the law firm and will take advantage of this opportunity to continue their professional and personal education. The interns will work in clerical duties, according to their experience and field of studies. The experience obtained, combined with formal study, will give these young adults a distinct advantage in the labor market. Students participating in the Fabretto programs come from low-income families, many of them dependent on the income from the sale of recyclable material from the landfill La Chureca.

We have brought joy to children, spending time at the Centro San Francisco over the years.

Terencio García is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fabretto Foundation, and with his help, we have provided support in due diligence topics in accordance with Nicaraguan laws in order to obtain funds with foreign investors. Likewise, we have provided support to the Foundation by taking legal actions in labor and real estate issues for its proper operation in Nicaragua.

I would like to thank García & Bodán for the opportunity of doing an internship with them; during this time, I was able to develop as a professional and on a personal level by spending time and learning from those who work there. The experience gained with the law firm will be useful on my future challenges and will last a lifetime

Testimony given by a young man that benefited from an internship as per the established Agreement between the Fabretto Foundation and García & Bodán.