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Investment Project

External supervision consultancy for the construction of the Judicial Center for criminal matters in the department of Santa Ana, El Salvador

The purpose of the investment is to provide the Judicial Branch with its own adequate infrastructure, with buildings containing the architectural spaces necessary for the administration of justice, as well as the legal and administrative offices that support the jurisdictional work. The efficient execution of judicial processes requires a distribution of spaces that contributes to the conditions of legal security of the processes and the parties involved in them: applicators, parties, victims, witnesses and the population in general; as well as the adaptation of the infrastructure to new technologies, such as the realization of face-to-face and virtual judicial hearings, space and connectivity for recording them; separation of activities, circulation or physical movements of those involved.

The execution of the project is essential and urgent in order to meet all the demands of users in less time; in budgetary terms, it will eliminate the expenses incurred by the Judicial Branch in the leasing of real estate, and in the medium term, the constructed building will generate an added value to the institutional patrimony and an asset for the State. The works will take place in the municipality of Santa Ana, in the department of Santa Ana.

The building for the Santa Ana Judicial Center for criminal matters will consist of two levels for parking (in the basement) and a 6-story tower for courtrooms, courts and offices and a rooftop level. It will also have a vehicular parking lot that will be developed in two basements with access through a main ramp and communicated with each other through an internal ramp. In addition, there will be a loading and unloading space per level in front of the freight elevator. The project has a total built area of 37,665.04 m2.

It is important to mention that in accordance with Article 33 of the Public Administration Procurement and Contracting Law (LACAP, for its acronym in Spanish), the bidder must submit to the State and Government of El Salvador, as part of its bid, a guarantee corresponding to USD 37,500.00.

Deadline for receipt of bids: November 21st, 2022

Oscar Torres
García & Bodán
El Salvador