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Investment Project

Extension of El Litoral highway on Surf City coastal tourist road in El Salvador

The “Pacific Strip” is one of the flagship megaprojects of the Government of El Salvador, including “Surf City”.

This project consists of a first-class beach circuit that will cover the entire territory, from west to east, for which it is necessary to provide access infrastructure and basic services to the main tourist beach sites in the country.

In this sense, the following bidding process is presented to facilitate access to the beaches of the western, central, and eastern areas of the country, such as: El Zonte, El Tunco- Sunzal, Punta Roca, Las Flores, among others. The implementation of a strategic interconnection road is required to enable the vehicular flow between the sectors of the city with the CA02 highway, known as “El Litoral” highway. This route will be expanded as an attractive option for traffic coming mainly from the west and east of the country and vice versa, which currently use the only main entrance to the coast.

As a first step for the implementation of the project, a 20.4 km stretch of the CA02W road, from El Obispo beach to El Zonte beach, in the department of La Libertad, will be widened.

This project will be classified into three tranches:

  • Section 1: Expansion to 4 lanes (including sidewalks and bicycle lanes) from the beginning of the project to approximately the beginning of the urban area of the city of Puerto de La Libertad, where it is intended to develop a dual carriageway, up to the exit of the bridge over the Chilama River. After that, the expansion to 4 lanes, sidewalks and bicycle lanes continues until it connects with the La Libertad Bypass interchange. Also included in this section is the 1.92 km long branch over the CA04 that will connect the intersection in the El Obispo beach area with the interchange built for the La Libertad Bypass.
  • Section 2: Widening to 4 lanes (including sidewalks and bicycle lanes) from the exit of the La Libertad Bypass interchange to parking lot 12+000 (of the chainage of this project).
  • Section 3: Expansion to 4 lanes (including sidewalks and bicycle lanes) from parking lot 12+000 to the end of the project.

Deadline for receipt of bids: October 24th, 2022

Oscar Torres
García & Bodán
El Salvador