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Empowerment International

García & Bodán has provided legal advice to Empowerment International in a variety of legal topics and as representatives before different local institutions, allowing the operation of this NGO in the country.

Empowerment International has worked in Nicaragua since 2004, offering holistic education programs for children and their families in two extremely poor communities in Nicaragua. They do by visiting homes where parents are encouraged to send their children to school and receive orientation about how to improve their children’s education. In addition, during these visits, advice and emotional support are provided to help them find solutions to their physical or other barriers that prevent their children from attending school.

Through its programs aimed at primary and secondary school children, teenagers and parents, it has an education and activities center where children develop a series of technological tools to fulfill their homework, as well as being a place where children can interact outside of school, since Villa Esperanza, Granada, the community where the center is located, lacks a common space.

Given the academic and economic difficulties facing all young people of Villa Esperanza community, the organization has created a university program, which is an opportunity to continue their education through funding and academic assistance. As a conclusion of this program, students have a solid track record with viable prospects for work, a college degree, work experience at the Center for Empowerment and self-esteem as a result of being a role model in the community.