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Investment Project

El Salvador: Contracting of Professional Services of Advertising Agency for Communication, Promotion and Public Relations Campaigns, to be executed at National and International Level

The Salvadoran Tourism Corporation (CORSATUR, for its acronym in Spanish) is the leading institution and reference for the private sector in tourism matters for the generation of economic development in the sector, through the attraction of tourism investments, development of tourism products, competitiveness of tourism service providers, certification of the sector’s human talent, and promotion of the country to attract domestic and foreign visitors.

It has recently launched the call for bids under DR-CAFTA N°01/2023, for the preparation and execution of communication, promotion, and public relations campaigns at the national and international level during the year 2023.

The objective of the contract is to promote El Salvador internationally as a tourist destination and thus fulfill CORSATUR’s mission, vision, and objectives. For this reason, the services of a specialized company with broad reach, international contacts and vast experience will be hired to execute all the campaigns in accordance with CORSATUR’s marketing strategy.

Some of the main activities to be carried out are:

  • Promote El Salvador as a tourist destination in order to increase visits and stimulate consumption and investment.
  • Promote the Surf City El Salvador brand and position it within regional destinations.
  • Propose direct promotion mechanisms.
  • Use digital platforms and emerging technologies under a digital strategy that covers CORSATUR’s target market.
  • Provide promotional material.
  • Design, build, assemble and disassemble the El Salvador Stand at events where it participates in the United States and Central America.

Bidders, who may be individuals, legal entities, or partnerships, must submit along with the bid, a bid maintenance guarantee for USD 210,000.00.

Deadline for receipt of bids: January 04, 2023, until 10:00 a.m.

Oscar Torres
García & Bodán
El Salvador