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Denomination of Origin in Honduras

A Denomination of Origin is a distinctive sign that identifies a product as originating of a country, region or locality of the national territory, when the quality, qualities or characteristics of it are attributable to natural, climatic and human factors.

Each denomination of origin is regulated by a series of provisions. In Honduras, the Industrial Property Registry is the authority in charge of granting a denomination of origin, of ensuring compliance with the framed, and must keep a record of the national denominations of origin granted up to date. The duration is indefinite provided that the factors that led to its recognition are maintained.

The Café Marcala recognition is the first denomination of origin legally recognized inHonduras and Central America. It was granted to the municipality of Marcala on November 18, 2005 at the request of the Association of Coffee Producers of Marcala (ADOPCAM). Café Marcala marks the way for the creation of new denominations of origin every time that they comply with the conditions contemplated in our Legislation.

The denomination of origin Café Marcala has served to promote the coffee that is part of our heritage, because it not only includes protection of the final product, it also protects the place where it is produced, and the techniques developed by the producers over time.

In conclusion, a denomination of origin is an instrument of industrial property that contributes to build part of our identity as a nation, strengthens sources of employment and guarantees the quality of a product benefiting both producers in the same way, because there is an increase in the demand for their products, as well as consumers, resulting in the possibility of obtaining a product with quality.

 Némesis Escalante Ochoa
Staff Attorney
García & Bodán