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Construction of the Electric Passenger Train for the Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica

The President of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, announced the beginning of the construction of the Electric Passenger Train, whose concession has an investment of USD 1,550 million. This project seeks to provide a public transportation system through an electric system that connects a main axis from east to west of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM), becoming the backbone of public transportation in Costa Rica, allowing mobility in a safe, clean, fast, and efficient way, while reducing the traveling time and road congestion.

More than just a project for Costa Ricans, the Greater Metropolitan Area Electric Passenger Train, financed with USD 550 million by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), will put Central America in the eyes of world development, as the project will be the beginning of an extensive railway interconnection in the region and investors see great potential for economic growth in the upcoming years, which will allow greater communication, integration and social benefits in the region, generating nearly 2,670 jobs and contributing to economic reactivation.

The Electric Train will have five articulated lines which are: Line 1 (Paraíso- Estación Atlántico), Line 2 (Estación Atlántico- Estación Alajuela) and Line 3 (Estación Atlántico- Estación Ciruelas) that will operate independently, while Line 4 (Estación Alajuela-Estación Ciruelas) and Line 5 (Estación Ciruelas-El Coyol) are planned as extensions of Lines 2 and 3. The total length of the network is 73 kms with 46 stations along the route; interconnecting 4 provinces and 15 cantons (Paraíso, Oreamuno, Cartago, La Unión, Curridabat, Montes de Oca, Goicoechea, Tibás, Santo Domingo, San Pablo, Heredia, Flores, Alajuela, Belén and San José) which make up the GAM.

Estimated Investment Cost: USD 1,550,000,000.00

Carlos Gómez Fonseca
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