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Investment Project

Construction contract for the electric train of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica

The Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles (INCOFER, for its acronyms in Spanish) has called for a bidding process for the design, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of the Electric Train for the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM). The project is expected to be developed over the existing railroad, in a bidirectional system connecting the cities of Cartago, San José, Heredia, and Alajuela, allowing the east-west connection of the Greater Metropolitan Area.

The proposed system has a length of over 84km with 46 stations along the route and is composed of 5 lines delimited by INCOFER right-of-way. The feasibility studies recommend that lines 1 (Paraíso-Atlántico), 2 (Atlántico-Alajuela) and 3 (Atlántico-Ciruelas) operate independently, while lines 4 (Alajuela-Ciruelas) and 5 (Ciruelas-El Coyol) are proposed as extensions of lines 2 and 3 respectively. In addition, the feasibility studies recommend the construction of 4 parking lots and 1 workshop with their corresponding administrative buildings.

This project will benefit 4.5 million Costa Ricans and the goal is for the electric train to become the backbone of public transportation in the Greater Metropolitan Area, allowing safe, clean, fast, and efficient transportation, reducing travel times and decongesting highways.

Estimated investment cost: USD 1.553.962.837

Deadline for receipt of bids: November 24th, 2021

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