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Cargo Terminal: New deadline for PPP Bidding in El Salvador

March 13th is the new date for the reception of bids for the contract to finance, design, build and operate the works of the Cargo Terminal at El Salvador’s Oscar Romero Airport, under the Public-Private Partnership format.

The original invitation to tender provided for February 12th as the deadline for the reception of bids, but because several companies had expressed an interest in participating, it was decided to postpone the submission of tenders until March 13th.

The project contemplates two development phases: Phase 1 consists of the financing, design, expansion, construction, equipment, maintenance improvement and operation of the existing Cargo Terminal.

Phase 2 consists of the financing, design, construction, equipment, maintenance and operation of a new Cargo Terminal infrastructure. Both phases will be carried out on the grounds of the air terminal.

Julio Vargas Solano
Managing Partner
García & Bodán
El Salvador