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CABEI offers USD 2.4 billion for investment in Honduras

Investment is the sum of resources used to acquire fixed capital in order to increase productivity and production. It can be public or private. Unfortunately, Honduras is a country that has been seriously involved in corruption issues, which has hindered its economic growth for many years, causing us to have an increasingly worse situation in the standards of living that are being achieved.

The government recognizes the importance of investment in the country’s economic growth process, and also believes that through investment new sources of employment can be generated so that the country can grow, and in this way, combat poverty in the country through economic development to improve the quality of life of Hondurans.

One of the financial entities that has ratified its support to the government is the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), therefore, this international organization has prepared a series of new assistance strategies to accompany the government’s plan, in order to facilitate economic development in Honduras. CABEI Executive President, Dante Mossi, stated that this international financial institution wishes to be the most important partner in the administration of President Xiomara Castro, so that the government can stand firm and carry out its economic development plans.

With the objective of facilitating the economic growth of Honduras, CABEI is offering USD 2,400.00 million; USD 600 million per year, so that they can be destined for projects or programs of any sector, such as: agriculture, livestock, fishing, textile production, chemical industry, manufacturing, infrastructure, energy, engineering, transportation, tourism, entertainment, finance, public administration, information technology, scientific research, culture, education and consulting.

Ma. Fernanda Arévalo Raudales
García & Bodán