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Pro Bono

Association for the Promotion of Education

Association for the Promotion of Education [Asociación para el Fomento de la Educación (AFE)] is an association that promotes educational institutions in Nicaragua aimed at educating a new youth with transcendent vision of human existence in the responsible use of freedom, through customized, complete and consistent education.

Since early 2008 we have worked for the implementation and development of educational projects with AFE.

Casa Pellas Traffic Education Project- Fé y Alegría Foundation

Federico Gurdián, Partner at García & Bodán Managua and President of the Board of Directors on behalf of AFE signed the “Interinstitutional Agreement”, between Casa Pellas, AFE, Fe y Alegría Foundation, to develop the project “Traffic Education – Our Compromise”. One of the main components of this agreement is the provision of methodological guides for teachers of preschool, primary and secondary, developed under guidelines of educational and police authorities.

García & Bodán and AFE, with support from companies and institutions such as Casa Pellas, Ministry of Education (MINED) and the National Police, as well as other local and foreign companies that have contributed with funding, have the same vision and have contributed to the development of driver education curricula to be implemented in public and private schools throughout Nicaragua.

In addition to the Road Safety education project, AFE has Family Guidance and Pedagogy programs that offer conferences featuring experts on marriage, family and education; and the Fundraising & Scholarships/Financial Aid Program, in order to allow more people, access to benefits from AFE programs.










Federico Gurdián signing the Agreement between Casa Pellas, AFE and Fe y Alegria; and the attorney who has been involved in supporting the community through these programs.