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Agreement between García & Bodán and IBESI

The Agreement between García & Bodán and IBESI (Instituto Iberoamericano de Estudio e Investigación) [Iberoamerican Institution of Study and Investigation] is part of the law firm’s commitment with the development of the country.

The Instituto Iberoamericano de Estudio e Investigación (IBESI) is an institution created for the purpose of legal research, graduate specialization studies, masters and doctorates degrees in different areas of the Law and related disciplines. It has, among others, the power to issue its own titles that enjoy full national and international legal recognition. IBESI is composed of prominent scholars, some being the highest representatives of the country in their respective areas of study, with decades in practice and teaching, authors of a variety of works that mark the way of analyzing the laws.

The purpose of this agreement is to establish cooperation ties and mutual assistance between García & Bodán and IBESI to support the advancement of law studies and academic studies for Law professionals under high academic and ethical standards.

“The signing of this agreement represents a milestone in the history of García & Bodán, having an institution like IBESI as a partner in the study of law and led, among others, by Dr. Iván Escobar Fornos, lawyer and probably one of the greatest exponents of law in Nicaragua; which gives us a great benefit not only for our office, but also for all legal practitioners. We firmly believe that behind a good lawyer is a whole knowledge base, a habit to learn more, and that’s what we see in IBESI. We want it to be the place where students, teachers, attorneys, judges and magistrates get a better foundation for legal praxis, and students can get the best possible quality of teachers in their professional education”, stated Dr. Terencio J. García Montenegro.

Collaboration between both institutions began with the Certificate in Law of Civil Procedure, an academic program that stems from the reforms to the Civil Procedure Code in the country, which seeks to provide Law professionals with knowledge about the new structure and technical command of legal argumentation. “We are experiencing a new situation in Nicaragua, all attorneys from all legal offices must prepare in the face of this new change; an almost complete change of national legislation”, added Dr. Ivan Escobar Fornos, making reference to the new legislations that are taking place or are about to happen in Nicaragua.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Terencio J. García Montenegro,  Managing Partner and Director of García & Bodán, Dr. Carlos Téllez Páramo, Managing Partner of García & Bodán Managua and Dr. Iván Escobar Fornos, prominent national attorney, author of a variety of works about Nicaraguan legal matters and considered a mentor for generations of national attorneys and representing the Instituto Iberoamericano de Estudio e Investigación (IBESI).