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Investment Project

Aerometer in the City of Guatemala

The Municipality of Guatemala City has reported that the bidding rules are ready, and would be published by the end of November.

The AeroMetro’s bidding rules have as parameters for the interested transportation service companies that the service would be given in concession for 25 years as maximum term; the technical experience in the implementation of cable-car transport systems, and the financial strength to start it.

It is contemplated that the AeroMetro travels in two lines. The first route in Molino de las Flores, zone 2 of Mixco, and the cabins would cross all Roosevelt road until arriving at El Trébol, zone 8. The second route would begin in the station of El Trébol, and the cabins would pass on Boulevard Liberación, then they would cross in the 7th. Avenue of the zone 13 towards the street Montufar, zone 9, until arriving at the Plaza España. The construction is planned for 2017.

Estimated cost of investment: USD 180 million

Jose Rosales Cano
García & Bodán