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protección de la innovación en Nicaragua

Innovation in Nicaragua

There is a real need in Nicaragua to create policies and strategies of implementation to encourage the industry to innovate and protect them. ...

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3D printing

3D Printing – The Bid Reproduction without Licence in Honduras

Since the creation of the first 3D printer in the eighties, capable of achieving the identical reproduction of a design with volume, printer models of that kind have been developing this type of methods that allows a greater precision and coverage....

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Sistema Integral de Información de Salud Ambiental (SISAM)

Application of the Online System of Sanitary Registry Food and Beverages in El Salvador

The immediate purpose of the Integral System of Information of Environmental Health (SISAM) is to accelerate and make more efficient the filing and the course of the process....

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enajenación de derechos de propiedad industrial en Guatemala

The Transfer of Industrial Property Rights in Guatemala

The distinctive signs are recognized, as an asset right, within the rights that the owner has over them, is to assign them through any kind of contract and for any condition or term....

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