García & Bodán has institutionalized providing pro bono services; pro bono work is considered a duty towards the less fortunate or in cooperation with programs and institutions with whom we share values and ideas about society.

Our policy on pro bono services centers on the creation of private agreements with institutions that need support with legal matters, with the sole condition of being an NGO or non-profit organization, especially in areas related with the environment, education and sports.

TrustLaw, the pro bono program from Thomson Reuters Foundation

We are members of TrustLaw, the global pro bono legal program from the Thomson Reuters Foundation, whose mission is to connect the best law firms and corporate legal teams around the world with high-impact NGO’s and social enterprises working to create social and environmental change.


Impact Hub San Salvador

13 October, 2020

Paper Collection Project Los Pipitos

1 October, 2020

Agora Partnerships

6 November, 2019

Alliance with Honduran Plastic Artist, Denis Berríos

3 October, 2019